Monday, 30 October 2006

Creativity and limitations (part 1 - before you even start)

What limits your creativity. Well, the same thing that limits mine probably. Whatever it is, the one thing it is unlikely to be is your equipment, and yet many (maybe most) of us spent much of our time and energy on that aspect of the process.

I made a little list of the things that I think get in my way when it comes to taking pictures. It goes something like this. Time, other commitments, weather conditions (too cold, too wet, too hot, not wet enough) and the worst of all which I think is summed up by the word "inertia". That's it. That "I'll do it tomorrow" feeling. Yet I am passionate about the subject and spend many hours thinking and planning how I will make new and interesting images.

The same problem affects other parts of my life. It is the reason that I have not updated the web site that I had intended to revamp over a year ago. Please feel free to visit the existing site:

I'm not proposing any solutions here. Only the thought that being aware of this problem may in some way help to overcome it. Let's see.

Part two will look briefly at what gets in the way during the process of taking photos.

The image you see is a photo taken in the Sierra Nevada in September '06


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