Friday, 10 November 2006

Travelling light (part 2 - followup)

Just a little update to my second post about downloaders. In the second part of this piece I mentioned that some Vosonic devices (in particular the VP8360) were likely to have user replaceable hard drives. I notice that on the Vosonic site it refers to an "upgradable 2.5" hard drive" and also to it as being "customer swappable". Similarly the batteries are easily obtainable and not specific to this device only. It is such a refreshing change from the attitude of some of the bigger manufacturers such as Epson, Jobo and others. Digital camera file sizes are rocketing up, and I hope more and more people are saving RAW files, so it is very likely that a device with adequate storage now will seem a bit limited in the near future. Some manufacturers seem to think that you will just go out and buy another downloader from them at several hundred pounds. Vosonic appear to have more respect for their customers, and realise that they can't keep putting their hands in our pockets every few years. Good move.

Infrared image taken in Norway 2005


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