Saturday, 23 December 2006

Signing off for 2006

I just wanted to put up one more image for 2006. Not particularly a Christmas image, but one taken yesterday in the mist/fog that for so many people is an impedance to their daily lives. I put a camera and a few lenses into a small backpack and cycled around in the woods near to my home. This is part of what resulted.

I was going to post here a Christmas list to Santa. It was going to contain all the things that I would like in terms of technology and product features for the future. The only problem was that I could only think of one thing that I would like (much to my own surprise), and since one thing doesn't make much of a list I abandoned the idea.

Just in case Santa is reading this blog (I'm told that he does) here is my request anyway:

"Dear Santa.

I would be very grateful if you could arrange that my next digital SLR has eye control focus (please pass this one on to Mr Canon). I know people thought it was a gimmick, but I found it very useful. It even worked with my specs and in combination with predictive autofocus it made stage photography with dancers much easier. I had it on my first auto-focus camera (Canon EOS 5) and I miss it.

Thanks, and don't overdo it on the mince pies."

Well, that's it from me for 2006. See you in 2007.


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